1-High Voltage Safety certificates (Installation, Maintenance and Inspection according to IEC 60079-14 & IEC 60079-17).
2-Ex-Equipment (E & I) used in Potentially Explosive Hazardous Atmosphere (Installation, Maintenance & Inspection according to IEC 60079-14 & IEC 60079-17).
3-Certificate by The FOA organization USA for Fiber Optic cables.
4-Membership in National Fire protection Association (NFPA).
5-Membership with OSHA organization.
6-Membership with IAEI for international electric inspection.
7-Membership with NACE for corrosion materials and cathodic protection systems.
8-Membership with OPITO (UK) of:
Electric HAZARDUS area Equipment.
Electric Protection System.
Generation Distribution and Control of Electrical SUPPLIERS.

Our staff in the Dep .have Many certificates for install welding , and painting oil pipe line , they have professional experiences in pipe line installation , welding and painting ( coating ).

Information Technology

Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2012 R2