This department runs by high level mechanical engineers with staff to satisfies deferent mechanical works such as:
Supply and Install Well head control panel (WHCP) or Installation of WHCP from A-Z.
We are professional for this kind of job , We works for many Well heads at Majnoon Oil field (references are available upon your request).
Supply and install deferent types of electric motors
Supply and install deferent types of control valves
Supply and install wide range and deferent sizes of SS tubing fittings
Supply and install deferent Anti-corrosion materials.
Supply and install deferent types of steel structures shades from A to Z for factories, stores and warehouses including standard international storage stands and scaffolding with certificates.
Design & exclusion wide range of portable cabins
Supply and install cathodic protection systems references to NACE requirements and calculations
Maintenance deferent types of machinery parts at site
Supply high level staff for pipe lines of oil ,gas , sewage and fresh water welding and testing
Supply high level staff for maintain and re-new water fire station TANKS at site by using special technique system.
Supply and install HAVAC systems
Field Fabrication and Pipe Installation
supply and install or install (only ) head control panel (single and multi ). We are working for installed WHCP since march 2013 in majnoon oil feild